AlHyMotion - a reflectia company


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ALHyMOTION is a technology-based company (EBT) founded in 2011 by REFLECTIA, researchers from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) and various cooperating private companies.

ALHyMOTION has exclusive rights, unique in the world, about hydrogen and energy production, on demand, in situ from materials containing aluminum, and develop their potential in different sectors and markets.

ALHyMOTION's mission is to transfer this technology to industrial or market agents worldwide who can exploit it commercially on independent applications. As R&D company we also deal with adaptations to demand through specific assignments and research agreements.

ALHyMOTION vision advocates a change in the energy model, a more sustainable, eco friendly for society and environment. ALHyMOTION actively contributes to this vision by providing values ​​and skills, and promotes the development of applications that compete commercially for their own distinctive advantages and are more sustainable and beneficial alternative to conventional models.